Louise Guay: Visionary executive, leading a company in fashion and technology for many years, My Virtual Model Inc., I created the Virtual Identity concept and its inception in the MVM Network which has been deployed on many platforms. Having been a screenplay writer for the Canadian national television (Radio-Canada), a board member of the Bell Funds for TV & web projects, and an expert in retail ecommerce integrating cells, PDAs and stores in multiplatform networks, particularly at Sears with the IBM Websphere Commerce partnership, I have an invaluable expertise anchored in a true understanding and practice of the Female Economy.

Ken Lester

Ken Lester is the CEO, President, and Portfolio manager of Lester Asset Management and entering his 20th year as an adjunct professor at McGill University where he teaches Applied Investments at the B. Com. and MBA level in the School of Management. Prior to this, Lester founded Alternacare, a health care personnel agency which was eventually purchased by Quantum. For the last three years, Lester is the Chief Investment Officer at Desautels Capital Inc, a company formed within McGill University where his Honours in Investment Management students manage equity and fixed income funds. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of  Cancor Mines Inc. and the Allan Edwards Foundation.