And it’s a wrap!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2014 SSMU Sustainability Case Competition. It was a thought-provoking and productive weekend that had everyone thinking about sustainable investments.

The event was held at the beautiful Quartier d’Innovation incubator in Old Port. A bit of a trek, but what a space! Big thanks to Natalie Russo and the team at QI!


Participants got to meet their teams and mingle before the night began.
Day 1
Our lovely coordinators Mathieu and Amélia kicked off the show.


We heard from two very different but equally interesting speakers, Ken Lester from McGill and Jason Stanley from Provender.
Ken Lester gave us his perspective from the investment world, and reminded us of the practical realities of today’s capitalist economy.


Jason gave us a more optimistic picture about sustainability from his on-the-ground work in a tech start-up. Provender aims to revolutionize the food system with technology by bringing local farmers and restaurant owners together.

We then got to enjoy some delicious local apples from Provender and some yummy food!

Day 2
Teams set right to work on the Oxcel endowment case, and prepared for their presentations that afternoon.


Participants hard at work!

Then one by one, teams got to present to our panel of judges – Tyler, Claude, and Joanna.



And then the winners were announced!
Congratulations to Team 4 in second place and Team 2 in first place!!!
All the teams did an amazing jobs and impressed the judges and coordinators.

Here they are! Click on the Teams to see their presentations.

Team 1

Cameron Dagg, Luyang Li, Victoria Paskannaya, & Georges Delrieu

team 1

Team 2 – first place!

Lysis Bourget-Vennin, Suday Jain, Vanessa Caron, Jimmy Huang

team 2

Team 3

Julie Skarha, Maria Wang, & Béatrice St-Jean

team 3
Team 4– second place!

Saamiah Ali, Lucia Mkhitarova, Alistair Barton

team 4

Team 5

Colin Cheng, Marko Tvrtkovic, Thomas Saleh, & Beatrice Yeung

team 5

GREAT JOB again to all the teams!!

And thanks to all the coordinators and judges for making this event a success!