SSCC 2013: Greening McTavish

After a very successful Exposition Day, our winners were selected!

They are as follows:

First place ($600) – Bianca Ponziani, Jaspreet Pannu, & Jane Stringham

Second place ($450) – Alan Chen, Victor Tang, Leina Godin & Marianna Coquilleau

Third place ($300) – Adriana Mogosanu, Andreea Mogosanu, & Berker Erol

 This competition would not have been possible without the hard work put in by our mentors and judges: Joel Thibert, Brian Karasick, Jean-Philippe Renaut, and Kathleen Bradley; or without the funding from our sponsors at Dessau, Thé Kiosque, SSMU, and the McGill Office of Sustainability. Thank you all so much for your immense contribution!

Congratulations to all five teams that were selected for the final round, as they each created original, well-developed ideas wrapped  in impressive presentations. We are looking forward to seeing the ideas brought forth in this competition spring into reality with the upcoming renovation of McTavish Street!

See you next year!

Your 2013 SSCC Chairs